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colpi di sole

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Anyone who has followed Autoplate since its beginnings knows that Fernando Lagreca is no stranger to the label's diverse lineup of artists. Following the releases of "Suave" (2003) and "Nadador" (2005), Fernando makes an impressive third appearance on netlabel Autoplate with "Colpi di Sole". Identifying "Nadador" along with "Funicular" (RealAudio, 2005), as his favorite albums, Fernando decided that it would be difficult to surpass their creative quality and made the decision to take some time off in order to mull over some fresh ideas for his next release. In April 2006, he began making a sketch of the new album and over a period of about two months the ten tracks found on "Colpi di Sole" were born.

Love is the simple theme of that so complex emotion of this newest Autoplate release. "Colpi di Sole" could be translated into "hit of sun" which is linked to the reassuring warmth that is often associated with love and romance - what Fernando describes as a musical encryption of joy and pleasure and a reflection of melancholic affection. The heartening sounds found within the ten tracks embracing "Colpi di Sole" are a magical blend of processed acoustic guitar, hardware synthesizers, vocoder processed vocals, along with both sampled and programmed rhythms/beats. Although a bit awkward, a one line précis of what s the listener will hear on "Colpi di Sole" might be - Suave, love-inspired, glitch-textured electronic-acoustic vocal-instrumental pop -ambient.


archive: 2005

2 new releases were scheduled for 2005 :

1 _ funicular : swiss net.label present 8 tracks of melodic ambient and idm (available) download for free.

2 _ nadador: once again in one's of the top net.labels of lastest years, (germany). (available) download by paypal prepayment.

archive: 2004


Fernando Lagreca – Inland EP

(published by sss:net:label)

catalogue number: sss019


Take your most wonderful map of Europe
and point your sticky finger
to the North East of Spain.
There's a Place there called Barcelona.
As every other city in the entire world,
Barcelona can suddenly disappear
smashed by an UFO lazer blast.

is our 19th SSS Operator and he's keeping an eye on them.

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Fernando Lagreca  'In Land'

archive: 2003

fernando lagreca: suave. (apl0016)

edited by the german net.label autoplate, fernando lagreca presents his last work,"suave", soundscapes combined with radio frequencies, forming shapes and noise on-board cuttings, with melodies and cliks.

"The original Uruguayian Fernando Lagreca, nowadays residing in Barcelona, delivers a sweet album of south american electronica, yet poppy in it's unconventionality.

Fernando knows how to create dreamy melodies unfolding a melancholic touch with a very minimal setup. Light like a butterfly melodies meet fragile bitcrushed fragments, to create chilly moods with sparse beats. Although the main track itself may surprise with the panned acoustic guitars".

sebastian redenz, head manager a&m,

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